Dear Friend,


Thank you for visiting my page. I am excited to let you know that I am running for re-election for the Santa Clara City Council District #2. I want to tell you a little bit about myself and why I am running to represent you again on the City Council.

I have lived in Santa Clara with my wife, Daljit, for 27 years. My wife and I have raised two sons - the older one is graduate from Santa Clara University and the younger one graduated from Dartmouth College. As a small business owner in Santa Clara, I have been involved with Santa Clara community for more than 11 years as community activist. In addition to councilmember, I have served the city planning commissioner, international exchange commissioner, charter review committee member and on boards of many Santa Clara non-profits.

I am proud to mention that our campaign is not accepting any donations from any special interests, developers etc. Our fund raising is from friends and ordinary residents. Your money is being used towards getting our message out to the grassroots. Our campaign has no involvement with any PAC. I want to publicly declare that I do not want any Independent Expenditure (IE) on my behalf by the 49ers or by any other special interest group. I am proud to be a very independent decision maker, and any IE made for my candidacy will have no impact on my decision-making process. 


During last four years, here is what we have achieved:

Achievements – My Track Record

  • City On Demand Shuttle: Facilitated approval of $8.5 million grant from State to fund on demand shuttle service for our seniors & residents

  •  COVID-Relief Funding: Championed and got approved pprox.. $5.0 million emergency rental assistance for city renters and small business assistance grants

  • Food during COVID: Arranged, distributed, and funded free fresh produce and food to residents who were vulnerable during COVID

  • Fought for residents against garbage rate hikes: Opposed the unprecedented double digit garbage rate hikes and proposed and advocated negotiating smarter contracts

  • El Camino Specific Area Plan: Protected neighborhoods close to El Camino Real from high rise buildings in their backyard

  • Affordable housing: Approved a 144 unit affordable housing development in the district which is now operational

  • Increased revenue for residents from stadium: Facilitated multi-million dollar increase of revenue from stadium to support resident services

  •  Increasing general fund revenues from Big Tech companies: Supported Business License Tax measure on ballot to increase contributions from large companies to use towards resident services

  • Sustainability: Approved one of the strictest reach codes for sustainability and to reduce GHG

​My priorities for next four years:

  • New revenue: Generating new revenue for City’s general fund from available assets

  • Sustainable growth: Planning sustainable growth that maintains current residents’ quality of life and protects neighborhoods

  • Shuttle services: Starting on-demand free/subsidized electric shuttle services in the City in 2023

  • Affordable housing: Prioritize more affordable housing

  •  Preventing homelessness: Work with partners like state and county to prevent homelessness

  • Public safety: Maintain high level of public and fire safety

  • Protect neighborhoods: Approving objective design standards to protect neighborhoods from irresponsible development projects

  • Quality of Life of residents: Improve the quality of life of our residents.

Please learn more about me under the “My Story” page, and learn how I plan to make progress on the issues listed above under the “Issues” page. I look forward to represent you again on our City Council. I would be honored to have your vote in this important election. You can register/check your registration at Please email me anytime at Let’s build a better Santa Clara together!


Raj Chahal